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Herbal Diary

Hello magickal folks! It has been quite some time since I started this botanical journey and my thoughts, ideas, and plans have changed so much. This may be why I have been shy about investing in the shop more. I've also been experimenting! It is tough to know, sometimes, what is truly necessary, and what is just pure whim and fancy. A digital kitchen scale is useful, while three pounds of an obscure herb may just be risky. So, after many saved lists and shopping carts that I never followed through with, I have finally invested a little chunk of money to expand my budding Botanica.


- Cheesecloth

- Strainer/Sieve

- Pyrex measuring cups

- Mason jars (16 oz & 8oz)

- glass and/or metal tins (2 oz & 4 oz)

- funnels (various sizes)

- scale

- Large glass jars

- labels

- notebook & pens

- tea towels

- mortar & pestle

- coffee grinder

- knives

- Amber and/or blue Boston Round bottles (some with droppers, 8 oz & 1 oz &2 oz)

I am from Florida. I moved to Arkansas for a job. In January. There are locals who talk about how humid Arkansas is... well, while I will never argue with a local about their own state, my skin is here to prove them wrong. Now, I don't want to gross you readers out before I even gain a following, but I have to believe there are others out there who are looking for organic, chemical-free solutions! So I will share my favorite little affordable secret with you. My hands were chapped and dry, my shins were scaly and my skin looked pale and ashy instead of vibrant and colorful. Until I gave myself regular coconut oil massages after my showers! Most people will just reach for any lotion, some will take the extra time to read ingredients and pick out a Burt's Bee's or Aveno moisturizure and pay the extra bucks. But due to my innate frugality and insistence that I should be able to treat all my natural problems with affordable natural solutions, I grabbed a bottle of coconut oil, laid a towel down on my bed or chair in a warm or comfortably temperature room and rubbed myself down, massaging as I went with some of my favorite music playing.

Ayurvedic practices (natural medicinal traditions born in India) will encourage a daily "abhyanga" or self-massage once a day when you wake and before your shower. Although I don't always follow this practice perfectly every day, I find that when I do take the time to give myself a quick oil rub, I feel better, my skin feels and looks better, and I feel happy that I took the time to for myself in a waking meditation.

Although I feel a bit "oily" for ten minutes or so after the treatment, after twenty minutes pass I feel like a whole new woman!

Enjoy yourself! Celebrate yourself! Treat yourself!

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