Herbal Diary

June is Gemini season and, therefore, the perfect time to talk about herbal allies that can heal and empower my Gemini friends. Although Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, this will be the second post in my Astroherbal Allies series. I started with Pisces (12th sign) because I'm a Pisces and so it is my favorite sign ;) Gemini's are born between May 21st and June 21st. They are mutable signs ruled by the planet Mercury and the parts of the body Gemini rules are the arms, hands, chest, lungs, shoulders, nerves, and respiratory system. This means that while quick-witted and social Gemini's will have beautiful, strong hands and arms that they often use when expressing themselves, they are often prone to respiratory conditions (colds, coughs, asthma), tension in the upper back, and other maladies of the hands, arms, and nervous system. Gemini is the sign represented by the twins, allowing them to see both sides of an issue before making a decision. Gemini is a creature of two worlds, some say the two halves represent light and dark. Twins can represent opposing minds, but can also represent a hybrid nature, "half human, half divine" with one self rooted in the physical world, the other self travels through the astral realms with ease. They are fond of socializing and are adept at making friends, but can at times feel as if they have an evil twin that fills their minds with nervous and negative thoughts. The Gemini nervous system may become taxed if this sign does not take care to nourish their bodies and their minds with meditation and other regular self-care practices.

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As Gemini is ruled by Mercury, examining this planet's nature may aid in finding effective herbal support for this sign. Mercury the planet is associated with the quick-moving fluid known as is quicksilver, or mercury the element, and the Roman deity Mercury is called the messenger God. Swift on their feet, Geminis are considered the fastest moving signs of the zodiac. Mercury (the God) rules over communication, travel, business transactions, writing, knowledge, debt, fear, loss, and money matters. The planet and it's accompanying zodiac sign are ruled by the air element which brings inspiration but also flightyness.

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Herbs that support the respiratory system (elecampane, horehound, licorice, and mulberry), relieve tensions, reduce air/gas in the digestive system (dill, fennel, marjoram, lavander, and savory), and balance the nervous system (lavander and valerian) and adrenals (germander, Lilly of the Valley, and parsley) are all excellent companions for Gemini.