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About Me:

My name is Kelin Flanagan and I am a belly dancer, herbalist, and archaeologist. I have a Master's in Anthropology from Florida Atlantic University, a Western herbalism certification, and over 15 years of dancing experience. I grew up in the mangroves and beaches of South Florida. I grew up with a huge herb cabinet - an old Victorian-style hutch with glass windows - that displayed jars filled with dried leaves, roots, powders, and essential oils. My mother and I would pick herbal projects weekly, making incense, bath salts, healing salves, and teas. Flash forward a few decades and I've continued to learn all I can about medicinal plants and how to prepare them. 

My fascination with plants and their healing properties even extends into my academic career. As an archaeologist, I spend my time researching the ancient and modern uses of plants all over the world. I also love sharing what I've learned. So I've decided to start hosting workshops, plant walks, and crafting botanical remedies and beauty products. I'm currently living in the Sonoran desert, learning about succulents and Creosote and other magickal drought-resistant beauties.

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